The club celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017. It was founded as the Fishing Cooperative of Tolmin on the 10th of March, 1947. At foundation it had 21 members, by 1969 this number had risen over 200 and currently there are about 400 members and 40 junior members in the club. The club is registered and functions in accordance with the laws governing clubs and associations.



Types of fishing

Flyfishing is the only kind of fishing allowed and you are restricted to one fly only, tied to a single hook, no doubles or trebles are allowed. You may fish with dry flies, wet flies, nymphs or streamers. Any flyfishing type of line and leader can be used, but no appendixes, which would change their primary buoyancy properties are allowed (no strike indicators, no extra weights). It is mandatory to use barbless hooks on all rivers. In the reservoir fishing from a boat is allowed.


More informations on the website of Angling club of Tolmin.